Flame-retardant finishing of cotton fabric

The flame retardant finishing of cotton fabric has been developing rapidly. At present, the domestic flame retardant is basically mature, and the flame retardant can basically produce durable cotton flame retardant finishing. There are basically three ways.

Smoked A Proban/ ammonia process, Proban method is a British Wilson company first used in industrial production, the traditional Proban method is flame retardant THPC (four hydroxy methyl ammonium chloride) padding after curing process, the improved process is smoked Proban/ ammonia process is: impregnating flame retardant finishing - baking, ammonia oxidation water washing and drying. Beijing Guanghua, Jiangyin printing and dyeing factory, Anshan cotton textile printing and dyeing factory and other imported foreign auxiliaries and equipment for production. It is recognized that the flame retardant effect is good, the fabric strength is small, and the influence of hand feeling is less. But because of the problem of equipment, it restricts its promotion.

B. PyrovatexCP finishing process. The auxiliaries have been produced by Shanghai pesticide factory, Changzhou Chemical Research Institute, Tianjin lumber Institute, East China University of Science and Technology, Qingdao textile and Clothing Institute and other units. The flame retardant performance of the product is good, good durability, high household washing 50 or even more than 200 times, feel good, but the strength decreased slightly. There are two and thirty manufacturers of this kind of flame retardant in China.

Cotton temporary, semi durable flame retardant finishing of flame retardant, electric blanket, cloth, sofa cloth fabric washing times requirements are not very high, this kind of product for temporary or semi durable flame retardant finishing. That is, the ability to withstand 1~15 times of warm water washing, but not soaping. There are mainly borax to boric acid process, diammonium hydrogen phosphate process, phosphorous amine technology, dicyandiamide technology and so on. The application of the above technology is not much in the industrial production of pure cotton fabric. SFR-203 is a semi durable flame retardant finishing agent of the College of textile and clothing of Qiingdao University.