Flame retardant knitted fabrics are classified into round woven fabric and woven fabric.

Circular woven fabric

The main products are: Knitted Jersey, cotton cloth, cloth Luo, mesh cloth, fleece, air layer, polyester cover, terry cloth, cloth, velvet, pull cut artificial fur and so many, there are a lot of changes such as: mixed weave stretch change organization, jacquard, yarn, tuck organization organization, Tim liner organization, Terry organization change. Because of the different law of needle stitch, the same product will have a lot of changes such as: a small mesh mesh cloth, pique, waffle, pineapple and so on.

Plain woven fabric

The main products are: rib knitting machine, wool fabric, yarn, warp knitted sweater fabric weave fabric, warp knitted mesh fabric, warp knitted suede, warp knitted napped fabric, warp knitted terry fabric, warp towel fabric etc.. Together with changes in raw materials on the basis of the original (cotton, linen, silk, chemical fiber, wool, organic hemp, bamboo fiber, corn fiber, seaweed fiber and blending), staining (dyeing, yarn dyed, color spinning process) (change jacquard, interleaving, composite, and brushed flocking, burnt out, wash water, stone, coating and so on) changes will regenerate many varieties.