Flame Retardant Fabric Standard

Flame-retardant fabrics require professional testing institutions to perform special tests on the fabrics produced, and it is necessary to perform very professional performance and fabric testing for flame-retardant fabrics in such testing institutions as SGS, ITS and other national labor security centers, including EN- 11611, EN-11612, EN-14116, NFPA-2112, ASTM-1506 and GB-8965-2009B and other tests, only qualified products can be safely placed on the market.

    First, GB8965-98--China National Flame Retardant Service Standard. In 1998, the China National Bureau of Standards issued a standard for industrial flame-retardant fabrics with reference to its standard of the same name and in line with international standards of the same kind. It has made very detailed provisions on many aspects of flame-retardant fabrics, including the overall flame-retardant clothing. Performance, flame retardancy of clothing and stitching, mechanical properties of clothing, construction and processing of garments, labeling and packaging of finished products, and inspection methods.

    Second, GA10-91--China firefighters general protective clothing performance requirements and test methods. The Ministry of Public Security of China has issued the testing standards for ordinary protective clothing for fire and firefighters. The provisions include the overall performance of the flame retardant suit, the flame retardant properties of the stitching and clothing, the mechanical properties of the clothes, the structural design and processing of the clothes, Finished product marking and packaging transportation and inspection methods.

    Third, EN531--EU industrial thermal protective clothing standards. This standard specifies the overall performance, structural design, dimensional stability, flame spread, heat and molten metal properties, size markings and hoes, user information, and identification patterns of flame retardant fabrics.

    Fourth, EN479--EU fire protection clothing standards. This standard specifies the standards for structural fire and fire protective clothing. It mainly concerns and tests the protection against heat and flame. This standard does not include similar fire-clearing chemicals, forest fires, fires that are very close, and road accidents. Special tasks such as salvage and special fire protection are required. These testing standards include general and additional requirements, important safety requirements, marking gimmicks, user information, and identification patterns.