Flame Retardant Materials For Electrical Equipment

Electrical equipment such as row plug, wall switch, electricity meter, distribution box, and other products, usually will have frequent closed-circuit operation, it is easy to generate electric spark, if the shell material used is not enough or even flame retardant, often is an important source of fire. China has already issued relevant standards and regulations for relevant products, but due to careless management, all kinds of inferior products are still flooding the market, which is a major hidden danger of public fire safety. The choice of electrician equipment material is very important, the use occasion of same kind of product is different at the same time, also should choose appropriate material according to specific requirement. Taking discharge insertion as an example, the ABS/PVC alloy used in 10A drainage insertion is enough, because the current is low and the heat output is not large, which usually will not lead to the deformation of the shell material, resulting in safety hazards. However, the temperature rise of the product under the limit conditions must be taken into account for the discharge and insertion of current 30A. The high-heat flame retardant ABS or even PC/ABS alloy material should be selected as the shell to avoid the deformation of the product and serious safety accidents caused by the high temperature rise in the process of use.