Is PP A Fire-retardant Material


The flame retardant PP plastic material is a high molecular polymer of propylene, which came out late and was not put into industrial production until 1957. Due to rich raw materials, high temperature cracking in oil.

The common features of PP are:

Compared with other common thermoplastic plastics, PP has the smallest density, which is 0.90-0.91 grams per cubic centimeter. The mechanical properties, such as tensile strength, compressive strength, surface hardness and modulus of elasticity are excellent, and have prominent stress cracking resistance and wear resistance. PP has good heat resistance. It is heated to 150 degrees in the environment without external force and does not deform. It can be boiled in boiling water and can be used for a long time over 100 degrees.

PP has almost no water absorption. It has excellent chemical stability. Besides smoke sulphuric acid and strong oxidizing agent, it is stable to the other medium. Its high frequency electrical performance is excellent, and it is easy to form processing without the influence of temperature. It can be molded by various methods, such as injection molding, extrusion and hollow molding.

PP is non-toxic and tasteless. Especially valuable is that PP has excellent twisting resistance and can be folded repeatedly without damage. This is difficult for any other plastic to do.