What Are Flame Retardant Fabrics

Flame-retardant fabric means that it can be automatically extinguished within 2 seconds of leaving the open flame even if it is lit by an open flame. It is a special fabric that can delay the burning of flames. The flame-retardant fabric we generally call is not burning in everyone's impression. In fact, it is not right. The flame-retardant fabric actually ignites when there is fire, but it can be extinguished within a prescribed time after leaving the flame. The flame retardant materials marketing industry is currently hot, but the global raw material suppliers are not synchronized; the new US state and federal regulations and the rise of modern technology have unprecedentedly placed new demands and challenges on the industry.

Flame-retardant fabrics are flame retardant to fabrics, and various fire hazards are ubiquitous in people's daily lives. In order to reduce the fire accident caused by the flammability of textiles and reduce the harm to human life and property caused by this, the testing of textile combustion performance has been highly concerned by countries all over the world. China has also made great progress in legislation and standardization work on flame retardant textiles.