What Are The KTV Wall Fireproofing Materials

KTV wall fire-proof materials - with the development of modern architecture wall decoration materials have become an integral part of building decoration materials. More and more attention has been paid to KTV wall fireproofing materials. What are the KTV wall fireproofing materials?

KTV decoration materials should not only be nice, but also have sound insulation, sound absorption and shock absorption. The following example is a good choice for these requirements.

1 Choose those materials: in KTV decorative materials generally need to use sound insulation materials, sound absorption materials, vibration damping materials and other damping sound absorption and noise reduction materials.

In the KTV decorative materials, sound insulation materials are: quiet felt, gypsum board or calcium silicate board, solid brick, etc.

KTV decorative materials commonly used in acoustic materials: rock wool or glass cotton, perforated panels, soft bags and so on;

The damping materials in KTV decorative materials include shock absorbers, vibration dampers, pull rods, etc.

2 solution: sound insulation. Sound insulation is the best way to solve the problem of "crosstalk". Sound insulation should first control the sound transmission of noise sources. The speakers should not be directly hung on the wall or placed on the ground. Elastic hooks or damping pads can be used to make the speakers and buildings elastically connected. Sound insulation of ceiling must be done well. Place a keel on the ceiling. Fill the keel cavity with absorbent cotton. The sound insulation material and gypsum board are below. Sound insulation materials must be selected sound insulation function is good, the wall can be the same as the ceiling construction method, if necessary to the ground and wall are sound insulation treatment; 2. reverberation, KTV compartment reverberation time is right and wrong, reverberation intensity has a great impact on the quality of sound. Over time, the voice will be muddy, affecting clarity and intelligibility; too short reverberation time will be flooded with singing when the voice is very dry and astringent, lack of brightness and simplicity. The reverberation time is an important acoustic characteristic of entertainment places such as Cara OK. Experienced acoustics experts will skillfully use the changes in the decoration structure and the combination of different materials to solve the acoustic problems of the sound field environment. The decoration we saw in many places did not use "soft bags" at all, and it was very natural when singing.

3 note: KTV decoration materials because of their different structure will cause the phenomenon of acoustic staining. Because the sound will encounter many reflections when it diffuses, when the reflecting interface or the reflecting object produces resonance, the original sound is added with no timbre component, thus changing the sound quality. We should avoid sound dyeing in selecting materials and construction works. KTV decoration materials directly relate to sound field parameters. On the one hand, we should adopt materials suitable for acoustic decoration, such as mineral wool and sound absorbing board. On the other hand, decoration should use environmental protection materials, the quality of materials is directly related to people's health and sound quality, we do KTV decoration design, in order to ensure the sound quality of the conditions will be recommended to choose environmental protection decoration materials. Because KTV is a public place, so fire prevention is the most important, so some fire-proof KTV decoration materials must be used, and KTV decoration design, but also to consider how to prevent fire accidents KTV. Similar smallpox to use light steel keel, calcium silicate board, gypsum board, if the wall must use wood and splint, it is necessary to use fire retardant paint on the surface of the wood can be used