What Is The Fireproof Material In Bar Decoration?

The most important thing in a bar is that the atmosphere does not care about the size of the venue. Regardless of the size of the bar, we need to choose better fire-proof materials for decoration, while providing superior service is the bar is a more critical issue, today's Xiaobian is about what fire-proof materials in the bar decoration.

Refractory decoration materials can be divided into four grades, non-flammable materials (A class) inflammable materials (B1 class) combustible materials (magnetic class) inflammable materials (B3 class), decoration process can be selected according to different needs.

1, interior decoration design of the bar

The choice of fireproofing materials varies from place to place. A class of fireproof material should be adopted in the fire protection and decoration materials in the bar to protect the indoor personnel from infringement. There are other places inside the bar, such as fire control center, fire pump room, smoke exhaust room, distribution room, transformer room, air conditioning room, elevator room, fixed fire extinguishing equipment room, fire evacuation stairs and so on. All decorations should be made of class a material. Fire curtain, fire door and fire wall should be able to prevent the spread of fire, forming fire zoning, smoke vertical wall with the role of smoke prevention zoning, slow down the spread of smoke, should be used grade A decoration materials. Bar decoration should not form a shelter for indoor hydrant, hydrant door and the surrounding wall color should be significantly different. Fire hydrant doors should be made of glass to facilitate the use of fire.

2. Bar lighting and electrical fire protection facilities

During the decoration of the bar, lighting and electricity are the most important decorations. Therefore, lighting and electrical fire protection facilities also need to be focused. Lamps and electrical appliances should be insulated, heat dissipation and other protective measures, lighting materials should not be lower than the burning performance grade B1. The power supply line pipe is laid in the interior space of the ceiling. When there are combustibles in the ceiling, the distribution line should be protected by metal pipe, and the power switch should be set outside the ceiling so as to cut off the power supply of all the electric lines in the ceiling if necessary. For laying the power supply line inside the ceiling, pipe protection (metal tube and PVC pipe) must not be allowed. The power supply line inside the wall must be protected by pipe and not allowed to slot on the wall. We must pay attention to the fire protection of lamps and electric appliances so as to truly achieve fire prevention and decoration.

3. Fire resistance is strong.

The use of combustible materials in the interior decoration of bars has increased the probability of fire occurrence, which has occurred in recent years. Once the fire happens, it will accelerate the spread of fire and produce a lot of harmful gases. Therefore, the decoration materials used in the bar decoration project must have a certain degree of fire resistance, in order to prevent the rapid spread of fire, and to ensure that people escape from the fire.